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Whatsapp app justifies its new privacy policy under Indian government exceptions in 2021

Whatsapp app has been under heavy scrutiny due to its new privacy policy update. The Indian government also wrote a letter to WhatsApp web recently asking the company to withdraw its new policy. According to reports

Whatsappapp justifies its new privacy policy under Indian government exceptions, w WhatsApp web has reiterated that its new policy is only aimed at making its global business more effective and that the company respects the user’s personal data, reports business today.

Whatsapp app justifies its new privacy policy under Indian government exceptions in 2021

“We want to strengthen that this update does not expand our ability to share data with. Our goal is to provide transparency and new options available to engage with companies so they can serve their customers and grow, “says tm WhatsApp app added that it will always protect the personal messages of users using end-to-end encryption that will ensure that neither google web app nor Facebook have access to these messages. The company stated that it was working to remedy the wrong information and will be available to respond to all requests.

It was recently reported that the government has asked yo Whats App web to withdraw its latest update from the privacy policy and “respect the informative privacy and security of Indian user data”.

The government sent a letter to Whats App head Will Cathartic where it declared concern about the new terms of whtsapp messenger web services. He also stated that the new policy exposes users in India to “increased security risk and vulnerabilities by creating an information boat”. la confederation of all traders in India (CAIT) it also strongly opposed the new Whatsapp buisness privacy policy and demanded that the government immediately limit Whats App to putting the new policy on or ban WhtsApp for windows 10 and Facebook!

“The Facebook- WhatsApp pc Union has shown its true colors by first facilitating Indians to use Facebook and WhatsApp blue without any charge, but now looking for data access, its ultimate goal seems to control India’s trade and economy, in addition to other hidden plans,” CAIT said.

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